Wedding Car Hire in South Charlton

Wedding Car Hire in South Charlton

We offer a range of vehicles when it comes to wedding car hire. If you are interested in a price, please get in touch with our team using the contact form now.

Wedding Limo Hire in South Charlton

Wedding Limo Hire in South Charlton

We offer the very best wedding limo hire across the country. We aim to provide our customers with the very best services, so please complete our contact form for a quote.

Modern Wedding Cars in South Charlton

Modern Wedding Cars in South Charlton

In today's society, we understand more people prefer modern wedding cars. if this is something you are interested in, please fill in our enquiry form now.

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Wedding Car Hire in South Charlton

Weddings are one of those special occasions where the event just goes hand in hand with a luxury car.

If there’s one day of your life where splashing out on the luxuries applies, it’s a wedding, and our wedding cars for hire in South Charlton NE66 2 ensure that you can have the car that you like without breaking the bank.


A limo adds an instant touch of elegance and style and makes any bride feel special. Of course, a limo has a lot of space for just one person so there’s plenty of room for bridesmaids too!

The car could be hired to take the bride to the church or venue, and then later could take the happy couple to their reception, the choice is yours.

For more information on our wedding cars for hire, please contact us through the enquiry. We will get back to you ASAP with all of the best options and prices available.

There are all sorts of styles of limo available and the hardest part of hiring one will be to decide which one to choose for the big day.

Wedding Cars Near Me

No need to search for wedding cars near me any longer, the vehicle hire that you need is right here. Everyone deserves to be spoiled a little on their big day and a beautiful car ticks this box in spectacular style.

People will be left with no doubt in their minds that a wedding is happening nearby when a gleaming car decorated with bows, banners and flowers pulls up and a smartly-dressed chauffeur opens the door for you.

You deserve to get to start the day feeling special and getting to the venue in the complete luxury of one of our cars will make sure that this happens.

Our fleet of cars for hire have the latest sound systems, mood lighting and flat-screen TVs built in, and there’s also a fridge for that essential bottle of celebratory fizz.

These fancy cars always make for incredibly memorable photographs. A photo of the bride stepping into the vehicle under her maiden name for the last time is always incredibly poignant, and the photos of the happy couple in the car after the ceremony are always charged with a happy energy.

Wedding Limo Packages

Just like our prom car packages we also have various wedding limo packages in South Charlton NE66 2 available, one to suit every budget.

Everyone's big day is different and we try to reflect this in the packages that we have.

We offer many different ways of decorating the limo to tie in with the colour scheme of the day, and of course, you choose the limo.

Our fleet of limos come in all shapes, colours and sizes, so be as bold as you dare and make an entrance that will stay fresh in the mind of your guests for years to come.


Wedding Limo Hire Prices

Our wedding limo hire prices will vary depending on what you want for your big day, but we are confident that we offer the most competitive prices around.

  • Which limo do you want? All of our cars have their own attributes and unique selling points but which is the most suitable for your day?
  • How long do you need the limo for? Do you simply need picking up and dropping off at the venue, or would you like us to stay for longer to escort you to your breakfast venue?
  • Mileage - Is the location quite local or do you need to be driven a little further afield?
  • Decoration - how would you like your limo decorated and how much decoration do you need? Would you like just the outside decorated or maybe you would like the inside decorated too?

There’s no need to worry about being absolutely precise at this point as we know that situations can change, just get in touch with some basic information and we can back to you with a quote that we know you’ll love.

Modern Wedding Cars

Perhaps a classic vehicle such as an old Rolls Royce is a little too traditional for your tastes and you’d like something a little more modern for your big day instead.

Modern wedding cars, such as a Hummer limo, have proven to be exceptionally popular in the last few years as people try to put more of their own personalities into their special day.

Modern wedding cars in South Charlton NE66 2 are just as elegant as their older counterparts but offer far more in terms of luxury. Their interiors offer qualities that the older cars just don’t have, such as;

  • Modern luxurious upholstery
  • Room for up to 16 people, allowing you to get some great shots with the photographer
  • Inbuilt entertainment such as TVs and sound systems
  • A fully stocked bar if required
  • Controllable LED lighting
  • Bespoke ceilings

Cheap Wedding Car Hire

No one else in the surrounding areas can match us for quality of service and price. We firmly believe that cheap wedding car hire doesn’t have to mean a cheap service and we pride ourselves on our value for money and providing an enjoyable experience.


Our fleet of cars will have something to satisfy everybody’s tastes and all of our chauffeurs have years of experience. They will make sure that the journey to your venue is absolute perfection and help with getting you (and your dress train!) into the car safely.

Luxury Car Hire Near Me

The closest most of us will ever come to riding in an expensive vehicle is on a special occasion such as the day you get married. If that’s the case then make sure that the luxury car that you hire has everything that you want from it to make your day perfect.

Our luxury car hire is probably the most diverse in terms of available vehicles. Whether it’s classic and vintage that you’d like, a traditionally-shaped limo, or something a little more modern and outrageous like a Hummer limo or a bright pink limo, we can accommodate all of these requests with ease.

Decorate them with your choice of colour of banners and flowers to make it even more personal and step out at the venue feeling like a million dollars.

Wedding Car Hire Prices in South Charlton

Wedding car hire prices are available from us with just a quick message sent using the form on the website. All we need are a few simple details about the date, which car you are interested in and where your chosen venue is and that’s enough to give you an accurate quote.

There’s a lot to pay out for with a wedding but there should always be enough left in the budget to indulge in a treat or two, and your vehicle should definitely be at the top of this list. Contact us now using the following link and let us help your day get off to a dream start.

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